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Mercury "J" tube for wheel barometers

Hand made barometer tubes for all banjo or wheel type barometers. These tubes will replace all of the old tubes which have gotten dirty or have lost their vacuum and now have air pockets or bubbles in them. Many of these old tubes have been broken as a result of rough handling.

To determine if your existing tube is working properly, remove the instrument from the wall and tilt about 45 degrees. If you don't hear and feel a sharp tap you have lost your vacuum. This tapping noise is the mercury hitting the top of the tube.

All new tubes are made from borosilicate "pyrex" tubing and match the original size and shape of the originals. Once made, the tubes are filled with new mercury under vacuum to provide the highest accuracy possible for these old instruments.

Tubes come complete with weight, counterweight, and counterweight guide tube. Please print a copy of the installation instructions.
To view the instructions now click here  Replacing a barometer tube.

Price: $210
Shipping: $25


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