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Wheel barometer signed " T. Finn "

Antique banjo style barometer before and after restoration. The case has been refinished, and the dial and thermometer scale engravings have be re-filled with engravers wax and then re-silvered. A new swan neck pediment had to be made for the instrument. It seems that they were the first things to either be broken or lost on these barometers.

This photo shows the original dial which has lost all of its lettering and silver. To restore, the dial must now be spun in a lathe to remove what is left of any finish and to "grain" the dial. The engravings are then refilled by melting a special wax and smoothing of flush. The dial is then returned to the lathe one last time. Finally the dial is resilvered and finished with a coat of beeswax to protect from oxidation.

The restored dial.

The finished barometer.

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