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Refilling mercury "J" tubes

I always recommend replacing any tube that has any discoloration with a new tube. Cleaning the bores is near impossible and I think that drying them after attempting to clean is impossible. There are occasions though when tubes can be refilled. One reason could be if the tube was new and the mercury was just removed for shipping the instrument.

To determine if your existing tube is working properly, remove the instrument from the wall and tilt about 45 degrees. If you don't hear and feel a sharp tap you have lost your vacuum. This tapping noise is the mercury hitting the top of the tube. If this is not the case, your tube needs replacing or refilling.

To view the refilling instructions please click here Refilling a barometer tube.

To remove the tube from the barometer vew the instructions here  Replacing a barometer tube.

Filling kits are available for $35.00 USD  Kits do not include mercury

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