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Even the best barometer tells only the current pressure - no more. Knowing the pressure is like knowing the Dow Jones average for any one moment: we really need to know which way it is heading, and how fast. Barographs provide this information at a glance.

Barographs are recording barometers. They display the trend (up, steady, or down) and the rate of change. And since changes in pressure generally precede new weather, a barograph can help us "see" what's coming.

For instance, rising pressure most often indicates clearing and cooler; falling pressure usually points to warmer, more cloudy, and possible precipitation. A rapid rise or fall is almost always accompanied by higher winds, and unchanging pressure means continuing conditions and little wind. The crest or trough of a pressure curve most often indicates a change of wind direction.

With these few forecasting tips you can use a barograph as your crystal ball.

Windsor Barograph

The English have long been known for fine cabinetry, and it shows in the workmanship of the Windsor, a grand example of what is called an "exhibition"  barograph. It has an extremely smooth low-gloss finish over the solid mahogany cabinet, five beveled glass panes, a drawer with two compartments for storing new and used charts, and solid brass hardware. Inside the lift-off cover is a precision aneroid sensor of 8 chrome-plated cells. All other components are of brass. A quartz battery drive rotates the chart drum once per week, and the traditional pen nib leaves a clearly defined trace for easy reading to the weeks pressure. Choose 7-day charts in inches or millibars. Ink, battery, and complete instructions are also supplied. We know of no barograph of this quality available today. Also, ask us about the matching display SHELF made exclusively for this barograph of the highest quality mahogany.

Windsor Barograph RU1000C - $1850.00

Baltic Barograph

Superior performance and brilliant finish are hallmarks of the Baltic. The high-gloss mahogany cabinet has a hinged top with five glass windows. Inside, the precision movement is gold-plated for corrosion resistance and mirror finish. The heart of this barograph is a stack of eight polished aneroid capsules, assuring outstanding sensitivity to even the smallest pressure fluctuations. A 7-day quartz drive offers excellent timekeeping, and a felt pen gives trouble-free tracing. Evidence of ingenious construction is everywhere. The small screws which secure the windows are covered by rubber sleeves where they pass through the glass. Also, each side of the cabinet is one piece of mahogany - the entire hinged top has only five pieces. This construction is far stronger because there are fewer joints. The Baltic is built better. Supplied with "AA" battery, cartridge felt-tip pen, and 100 weekly charts in your choice of 28.00-31.00 inches or 960-1060 millibars. 10 1/2"L x 7"H x 6 1/4"D.

This close-up reveals the gold-plated finish, the special nameplate, and the rich gloss mahogany which distinguish the Baltic. BA2003

Baltic Barograph - $1250.00

Atlantic Barograph

High performance, rugged corrosion-resistant construction, and handsome satin-finished mahogany cabinet qualify the Atlantic for use offshore as well as at home. The linkages in this recorder are tight, eliminating the need for marine damping when used at sea. Further, the Atlantic is more compact than other barographs using a weekly chart with as much scale resolution. This level of detail is served dutifully by a sensitive eight cell aneroid sensor. Supplied with "AA" battery, cartridge felt-tip pen, and 100 weekly charts in your choice of 28.00-31.00 inches or 960-1060 millibars. The Atlantic is our most accurate marine barograph for the dollar. 10 1/2"L x 7 1/2"H x 6 5/8"D. BA2000

Atlantic Barograph BA2000 - $1,050.00

Cadet Barograph

When you have only a small space for a barograph, the Cadet should be your choice. The nicely proportioned mahogany cabinet measures 7-3/4"W x 5"D x 5-3/4"H. A highly polished folding brass carry handle adorns the hinged top.

Inside, on a polished brass platform, sits the battery-powered, 7-day chart drum and four chromed aneroid cells. A felt pen gives sharp pressure traces on the chart in your choice of inches (28.6-31.2 in.) or millibars (960-1050 mb).

This barograph comes ready to run with a "AA" battery, felt pen and years's supply of charts. On your desk, on the mantel, or in a bookshlef, the Cadet will suit any location in your home or office.

Cadet Barograph  - $750.00


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