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Fortin barometers

Fortin style barometers, sometimes referred to as weather service barometers, have been in use for over 100 years. They are probably the most accurate of all the barometer types. Although electronic and mechanical barometers are readily available for use, the question "how do you know if it is reading correctly ?" arises. Calibration of any of these instruments is done by comparing to the Fortin standard barometer .

In the past, there was an instrument of this type in almost every science classroom in the country. They are still widely used in labs and weather stations.

Princo Instruments was the industry leader, and eventually the only company manufacturing this type of barometer, for the last 60 years. As of the Spring of 2007, they have stopped producing any mercury instruments. Their Barometer manual  is still viewable here   

Medford Clock Shop will continue production for as long as their is demand. We will also repair, or provide parts, for any of these instruments that are still in service.

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