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The Eureka Clock

Possibly one of the rarest clocks out there in the clock collecting world is the Eureka.  Estimates vary, but there could have been fewer than 10,000 ever produced. How many that have survived the last 100 years in unknown.  The clocks were also very expensive at the time and most people could not afford such an item. They are just facinating to watch. The large balance wheel, the same type used in wrist and pocket watches, is almost hypnotizing.

The clocks were made in several styles including wooden cases. These were not as desireable though due to the fact that they hid the movement, which was the main attraction of the clock.

This Eureka is in a gold plated crystal regulator style case with a crack free porcelain dial. The steel hands retain their original blued finish.

Here are two short videos to show how the clock works,

Click here for front view
Click here for side view

  Scroll down for still pictures.

Price: $7000

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