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Ecocelli Barometers


The Eco-celli is a new development in ecological barometers. Dingens Barometers registered and patented their invention on August, 24th 1998. ecocelli.gif (99333 bytes)

Key Benefits

Contains no mercury
4 times enlarged scale
Easy and safe to transport
Environmental safe


The with red silicon-based fluid and gas filled
U-shaped tube is the barometerpart of the instrument.
Airpressure is measured by the red fluid.
The righthand precision-thermometer is filled
with blue couloured methylalcohol.
Temperature is measured by the blue fluid.
The error margin of temperature in the airpressure
values is corrected by setting the moveable scale
to the surface of the blue fluid in the thermometer.
The airpressure can be read by setting the second
index to the red fluidlevel.
The amount and direction of airpressurechanges
between the previous indexsetting and the current
one, result in a reliable forecast.


International version: shows symbols & figures.
Indications are in centigrade (temperature) and
hectoPascal (airpressure).
Dutch version (symbols are replaced by dutch text)
English version (symbols are replaced by english text)
French version (symbols are replaced by french text)
German version (symbols are replaced by german text)


U-shaped tube: length = 82 centimeters,
total width = 4 cm, tubediameter = 0.7 centimeter
Thermometer tube: length = 82 centimeters,
tubediameter = 0.7 centimeter
Thermometerscale: 0C - 50C
Barometerscale: 975 hPa-1054 hPa
(dimensions: 25 cm x 4 cm)


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