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Medford Clock & Barometer

Clocks for Sale.

On this page will be inventory from the store that was salvaged after the fire. Most of the items are new and are undamaged except for some of the boxes. Many of these items are also being sold for cost because I need to get them out of storage.

In addition to these the products on this page, finer and more collectable antique clocks can be seen here

Any questions about any of the items on any of my pages can be answered promptly by just sending me an email. Additional pictures can also be provided.

Mousing over the thumbnail will give you a brief description, clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a larger image

Solid oak schoolhouse style clock with pendulum (not shown)  Battery powered, quarter hour chimes Mission style solid oak wall clock with pendulum and quarter hour chimes Full size solid oak bracket clock.  Quartz movement with Westminster chime Modern wall clock.  15 inch diameter.  Made in Sweden Three quarter size Cherry bracket clock with golf scene on dial.  Quartz movement with westminster chime.  Mahagony finish. Large (24 inch)  gallery clock with antique looking dial.  Has additional clock on dial for dual time zone.  Also has second hand.  Mahagony finished frame. New Tambour style clock.  Solid oak with a Hermle westminster chiming movement. This is a full size clock measuring almost 19 inches across

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