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Looking to buy a car ? Be sure to stay away from these people.

Chevrolet 73

They are located on NJSR 73 in Berlin, New Jersey.

Unfortunately I made the mistake and here's what I got for my money.

Rude service from everyone I encountered like you couldn't imagine. Wait till you meet Chris the "closer". My first meeting with him ended in a shouting match like you wouldn't believe. After being in the office for way too long, and not getting anywhere, I got up to leave with my daughter to get her some dinner. I had made my offer, but I guess the $100 difference was more than they would give. The guy was shouting " you're going to leave when we are this close "?

We were still screaming back and forth when I walked out the door. They called the next day to accept my offer.

But I also got a car with:

A dead, shorted out battery. They knew it, and tried to put a quick charge on it, but I should have known when they said " don't shut the engine off till you get home. Too bad it didn't make it and had to be jump started half way home.

An 1/6th of a tank of gas...

A remote door lock pod that doesn't work...

An empty windshield washer reservoir.....

An empty antifreeze reservoir.....

An engine low on motor oil....

What a classless organization. Be warned !

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