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Need your 4 wheel repaired ?   Get ready to pay double what they tell you.

Camper Bob's RV

They are located on Rt. 38 in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

Here's what happened to me.

The rear broke in my son Michaels Jeep and I needed to get it back up and running before he left for his 3rd deployment to Iraq.  The last thing that he wanted to do was to drive his Jeep one last time. 
Planning to replace the ring gear myself,  I took the old one in to Camper Bob's and ordered another.  They hit my son's credit card and I left with the part only to find out that they had ordered the wrong one.  I returned it and picked up the replacement a little over a week later.  When I went to install it, I found out that once again they ordered the wrong one.  This time it was for a Ford.  Since I was running out of time, before my son's deployment, to get this job done,  I just asked if they could do the job.  It was suppose to be around $700.  I was going to change to a different gear ratio and those gears were actually less expensive in my parts books, but I guess he uses different books because they were actually more.
Well, they also must have misunderstood me when I asked them to replace the ring and pinion gear, and decided to basically replace every single part from the transfer case back to the axles, which luckily they didn't replace.  You should see this parts list  partslist.jpg.  The bearing kit I was going to purchase in the Quadratek catalog, says it has all the bearings and seals to do this job, but it seems that there are a lot more parts and bearings, on my bill.  In addition to a kit he ordered, there are an additional I don't know how many bearings and seals.  I know when I was going to try to do the job, Bob told me to be sure to replace the seals.  "Why risk a leak for a $7.50 part", he said.  Funny that the seals were $17.02 on my bill. 
The one thing that really surprised me was that charge for 6 cans of brakeclean.  6 cans !  I use this stuff in my own shop, but 6 cans would be a half year supply.  Plus, why in the world would you need 6 cans of this stuff, especially when all of the parts you are installing are brand new ?  Oh well.
They never called to say it was done, I had to call to see if I could pick it up,  and when I go to pick the thing up after about 10 days, I'm handed a bill for $1100.  This is after the $386 they already hit his credit card,  for when I paid for the first wrong part they ordered. This job ended up costing my son $1400.  Well  that's exageratted. It was really only $1398.34

I know that you don't have to support the troops fighting in  Iraq  if you don't want to, but you don't have to whack the crap out of them either.

Last thing is, if you do go there, count your change,  because I never received a full credit for what they put on my sons charge card the first time I went into this place.

The only good thing is that my son did get to drive his Jeep, which is his favorite thing in this world,  before he left.

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