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Mercury barometers have been around since the mid 1600's.. They were originally produced for scientific experiments and for surveyors. It was determined long ago that the mercury would rise and fall in the tube at different elevations. Barometers went up in balloons and were carried up mountains to obtain elavations. Barometers could also be taken down into mine shafts to determine depths. It was not until later that it was discovered that the variations in the height of the mercury preceeded weather changes. This is the primary function of the barometer as we know and use it today.

At Medford Clock Shop we specialize in the restoration of these fine instruments. Mercury barometer tubes which have broken, or have been contaminated with dirt or air, can be replaced, or sometimes refurbished, to return the instrument to a functional piece. All phases of the restoration are performed on site. We do not send the instruments out to different shops. All tubes are also made on site for a perfect fit.

Photo of a wheel barometers parts

(Photo courtesy of S.A.Crowley)

Barometers waiting for repair

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