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Tendancybarometers show tendancys of airpressure, rather then actual values. One can, if one chooses, recalculate these tendancy values in order to become the actual values. To estimate forecasts, one does not need to know the absolute airpressure values, but it is essential to know the tendancy of the atmospheric airpressure and the amount of change.  

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Weatherstation in a wooden case and metal background containing a gasbarometer, thermometer, hygrometer and tendancypointer.

Based on the principle of Alexander Adie, a Scotsman from Edinburgh, a new type of mobile barometer was introduced in the Winter of 1818.

He developed his "portable barometer" for nautical conditions.

This kind of barometer was frequently used by seafaring nations in the period between 1820-1870.

With the introduction of the mechanical barometer around 1870, this type of barometer was replaced by the aneroid barometer, which was better suited for rough sea conditions and only a little bit less accurate.



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