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Medford Clock & Barometer

New and Antique Barometers, Clocks, and Weather instruments.

Items repaired,  restored,  bought and sold.

Medford, N.J. 08055

Ph. 609/953-0014

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Medford Clock Shop, was located in the center of Historic Medford Village for 16 years until a fire in the building forced the store to close. We are still in business and active in the repair and restoration of all types of antique clocks and barometers. In addition to just repairing clock movements just to keep them running, we can perform complete case restorations. We also perform all of the work onsite. Click on the restorations link below to view some examples. Antique mercury barometers can be repaired, restored, or just calibrated. Examples of some of these fine instruments, most dating from the early to mid 1800's can be seen by appointment, or in my barometer pages. The mercury barometer was almost as common as clocks in most homes but almost disappeared in the late 1800's.

In addition to antique clocks and barometers, we have also repaired and restored many other types of scientific instruments, music boxes, and other mechanisms.

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Medford Clock & Barometer
Medford, NJ 08055 USA
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